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001 have already identified significant amounts that are due to the charity.

Through 001's excellent endeavours, Barnardo's obtained new contracts at very competitive prices against a sanitised portfolio. This was achieved despite the uncertain availability of the appropriate signatories… We have to thank 001 for their efforts and also express how impressed Barnardo's is with the professionalism and dedication shown by all the 001 team.

Over the years, 001 have become an integral part of our team

001 have worked tirelessly to ensure all our sites are billing correctly and that the change of tenancies and new contracts placed are at the very best value. They have generated savings year on year and have used their considerable industry knowledge to broker the best rates at these times of rising prices.
Higos Insurance Services Ltd

We are happy to recommend 001 and have built an enduring relationship with them

001 has made a real difference to the way we run our business and delivered on all their promises

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