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ESOS Audit

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001 can perform your ESOS audit. By assessing your business, we can make suggestions and ensure you comply with the UK legislation. Audit's are quick and easy.

001 will perform the audit with 2 simple stages.

  • Telephone call with a few simple questions
  • A quick on-site evaluation

The ESOS legislation can seem complicated, but 001 have over 16 years of experience you know that you will get unbiased professional service, so book an assessment now.

This is a UK law - failure can result in penalties

Avoid the penalties by having 001 to do the assessment for you. We advise doing this now so it's all sorted as quickly as possible so you don't need to worry about it again.

What is a ESOS Lead Assessor?

ESOS Audit must be conducted or reviewed by a qualified Lead Assessor.

ESOS Lead Assessor is a new qualification. From October 2014, the Environment Agency approved a select number of professional bodies, to assess and accept applicants on to their Lead Assessor registration schemes. In order to be accepted on such a scheme and qualify as a Lead Assessor and applicant must demonstrate that they have fulfilled the requirements of PAS 51214:2014, the specification for competence of a Lead Assessor. This basically requires them to prove relevant industry experience and that they possess the requisite skills in energy auditing, energy efficiency surveying and reporting.

Get an audit and save

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