Large Multiple Retailer

With a portfolio of over 170 stores throughout the UK our client had a mix of utility supplies including Half Hourly and Non-Half Hourly electricity and gas.

There were a number of suppliers involved in the portfolio as well as a company employed to validate utility bills on a monthly basis.

The board of directors and senior management were not confident that the company’s utilities were being managed efficiently resulting in an ever increasing monthly spend


Our experienced audit team set to work carrying out a comprehensive audit covering a supply period of six years.

Significant inaccuracies and overcharges were Identified and reported with supporting data.

It was discovered that the external validation company engaged by our client had failed to identify these issues.

With the client’s agreement, we then worked with the supplier to correct the identified errors & manage them through to satisfactory resolution with monies refunded to our client’s bank account.


As a result of 001s forensic approach and comprehensive knowledge of the Energy market we were able to recover overcharges in excess of £425k.

Subsequently we were able to re structure the Energy procurement function and deliver a further £70k in future savings.

001s ongoing bill validation and consumption reporting service ensures that any issues are identified and rectified in a timely manner freeing up valuable human resource and delivering accurate data to help with the company’s CSR commitments.