Large Construction Company

The client has a complex portfolio of fixed sites & construction projects with a mixture of temporary & permanent utility supplies.

With no defined utilities strategy, the portfolio was spread across numerous suppliers with a several supplies on costly out of contract rates.

001 were appointed to carry out an historic review & to clean up the portfolio including dealing with the significant backlog of outstanding queries.

All supplies are now procured through 001 Ltd & all bills are validated by our bureau team to ensure that issues are identified & resolved in a timely manner.

With 001 acting as the single point of contact for utilities, the bill approval process has been streamlined & with the provision of billing reports which can be directly uploaded into the client’s accounting software, significant processing hours have been saved in their accounts department.

Through our work, we have so far successfully reduced our client’s liabilities on their utilities by over £400k.


001 has been appointed to undertake the time consuming and often complex task of validating the considerable amount of data generated.

In delivering a full range of energy services our team has been able to provide industry specific skills and resources. We have provided up to date information including capacity and consumption analysis and helped to recover costs going back over a number of years.

001 is now responsible for the provision of supply and helps to manage new connections to sites as well as managing ongoing billing and query resolution.


So far 001 has identified opportunities to reduce our client’s liability by over £400k