Large Leisure Business

With a portfolio 33 sites our client had a mix of utility supplies including Half Hourly and Non-Half Hourly electricity, gas and telecoms

There were 25 suppliers involved in the portfolio with varying contract end dates.

The Finance Director instructed 001 to undertake an audit and procurement of their current arrangements across the supply portfolio.


Our experienced audit team carried out a comprehensive audit covering a supply period of six years.

Significant inaccuracies and overcharges were Identified and reported with supporting data.

With the client’s agreement, we tendered the requirement to the total market which resulted in the business being managed by 1 supplier for electricity, 1 for gas and 1 for telecoms.


As a result of 001’s detailed investigations and comprehensive knowledge of the Utilities market we were able to recover £135k in overcharges and contract negotiation for the client.

Following this re structure of the Utilities procurement the client now receives 1 bill per month from each of the three suppliers instead of 25 they were processing. Furthermore, 001 continue to support the client with ongoing bill validation and consumption reporting to ensure accuracy is maintained and key staff are better utilitised on high value projects.

Contract renewals are far less time consuming and far more cost effective due to all supplies being tendered together.