Large Children’s Charity

As well as a sizeable corporate operation the charity operates numerous support and residential centres and more than 600 retail outlets.

The client was concerned as to the thoroughness of the tender being conducted by their existing consultancy. Limited number of offers were being presented at the time of contract renewal. They also wanted to explore the cost impact of opting for Green Energy, thus enhancing their Corporate Responsibility image.

Bill validation was being done internally which was extremely onerous and time consuming due to the mixture of quarterly and monthly billing on the existing accounts. Validation was being completed at a very low level. The charity was significantly increasing the number of shops/donation centres and needed a reliable process for installation of meters and adding new sites to existing portfolio.


Having carried out a thorough historical audit 001 identified billing inaccuracies resulting in a refund of nearly £200k to the charity.

Through Open market tendering and negotiation 001 were able to secure the most competitive rates on the supply of utilities representing further savings.

In addition to work carried out on Gas and electricity 001 secured a 21% reduction on water billing representing a saving of close to £70k.

001 continued to support the charity’s facilities management function which has involved validation of close to 1000 utility bills per month ensuring that correct charges had been applied.


As a result of savings identified by 001 the charity has been able to divert even more funding to the good causes It supports.

They have access to usage and spend data which enables them to better manage their ever growing portfolio. New charity shops are able to be up and running faster with the vast reduction in time taken to install meters.